Additional Studies at the University of Chicago

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Human Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory (HBPL) - Harriet de Wit, PI

The HBPL investigates the determinants and the consequences of drug and alcohol use by measuring physiological, behavioral and subjective effects of acute doses of psychoactive drugs in human volunteers.

Clinical Neuroscience & Psychopharmacology Research Unit (CNPRU) - Emil F. Coccaro, Director

The CNPRU is a clinical research group in the University of Chicago's Department of Psychiatry. Directed by Emil F. Coccaro, MD, the CNPRU offers clinical trials for people who are experiencing difficulty in their lives in areas such as problems with anger, depression and anxiety.

Eating Disorders Clinic -Daniel Le Grange, PI

The Eating Disorders Program at The University of Chicago Hospitals provides comprehensive outpatient and limited inpatient services for the assessment, treatment and follow-up of adolescents with eating disorders.

Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory (CARL) - Andrea C. King, PI

The Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory has set out to investigate factors that lead to excessive use of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances and factors involved in increased risk for the developement of substance use disorders and to develop more effective interventions in the treatment of substance use disorders, particularly tobacco dependence.